Elton John

Elton John is also ONE of the most intresting person. He created some of the coolest, and dance to songs that mostly everyone likes.He produced 4 albums in ONE year. He just couldnt stop making hits. One of my favorite song of his is Crocodile rock.His most famous songs were "your song","tiny dancer", "im still standing", "rocket man" and many more.

Elton John


1.) Elton John birth name was not Elton John. He copied both of his bandmates names and named himself that.

2.) He taught himself to play the paino.He took his own curiosity and taught himself.

3.) He could compose a song in minutes.He had a fast mind and a rhyming mind so he could do this easily.

4.) he had a falling out with David Bowie. They spent most of there time at odds. But made a connection in the 70's.